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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Win a Bunny Pin & Petite Purse

Hello! In honor of Easter and to celebrate the growth of my Facebook fan page I'm going to have a free giveaway at my blog starting today. I have a fun little quiz for anyone interested in entering to win one of my "Mr. Fluffy Bum Bottom" bunny pins and one of my Petite Purses. A picture of Mr. Fluffy Bum Bottom is shown below.

The exact Petite Purse will be a surprise. Here's a sampling of some of my Petite Purses, which come in a small & a large size. The small size is perfect for giving a small gift in like a pin, magnet or necklace, the larger size is the perfect size to hold a gift card or a small trinket/treasure. This giveaway will be for the smaller size Petite Purse.Now it's quiz time! Shown below is a photo of one my sculptures named Susan (after one of my sisters). She likes the dress and said she would wear a dress like that one, so when I was thinking of a name for her, I decided to name her Susan. Anyway, my question to you is.....what did I use for the structure of this sculpture? Clue: It's an object that I UpCycled. Another way to get a clue is to visit my store and look in my UpCycled sculpture section and find out what I used for some of those pieces.

Contest closed. Time to pick a winner!
All correct answers will be entered into a drawing for the bunny pin & purse. Please include your e-mail address in your comment/answer, otherwise you won't be entered into the contest even if you answered correctly. Contest closes at 11pm CST on Thurday, March 25th. Good luck!


The Painting Libra said...

It looks like one of those halogen light bulb - the kind used in offices or stores.

thepaintinglibra.etsy.com =)

Melissa said...

A lightbulb! I love it! You are so creative.


Anonymous said...

yes i am also going for the halogen type light bulb!!

trace :>




Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
warmheart said...

A light bulb... what a bright idea!
You are such a creative soul.

HancoxHomestead said...

Burned out light bulb.

The Prickly Pinecone said...

I am also going to guess a lightbulb. I checked out your shop and your penguin sculpture is just too cute! Thanks for the chance.


Danielle Velentzas said...

looks like a lightbulb to me too!

carly said...

I agree it looks like a halogen light bulb


~April~ said...

A floodlight light bulb! Very cute!

Brandy @ The Moody Fashionista said...

Love that you found a use for burnt light bulbs. I always feeling guilty tossing them. So CUTE!


Aik said...

It's an up-cycled burned out light bulb.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

w said...

looks like it could be a "burned out light bulb"!

wendiwinn at wendiwinn dot com.

Anonymous said...

Burned out light bulb!


Deb E. said...

Lightbulb! (Hope we don't have to be more specific?!)

dke [at] centurytel [dot] net

cindy said...

definitely a light bulb! very cute! :)


Sweet Annie's Scents said...

I'm going with a light bulb!! :)


Michele said...

I am also going for the halogen type light bulb!! Susan is WAY CUTE! Your talent amazes me!!
~Michele from By Your Side

giabowtique said...

Im going with the burned out light bulb as well!! Very cute sculptures!


Sofitrends said...

me too go for the halogen bulb!

Lilly said...

Maybe a perfume bottle.

Sarah Jones said...

Since her body looks very familiar to a light bulb I just changed. I am going to say a floodlight halogen.


Laurie @ said...

A Burned Out Light Bulb!!

Christine said...

Thanks to all of you that participated and for your supportive comments about my work! :)

I just posted the winner & the answer to the contest question, http://lillybugblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/upcycled-answer-winner-is.html