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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will NEVER buy another HP laptop

I purchased my HP laptop online at http://www.HP.com/ on December 9, 2009 and received it on December 21st. Starting on Dec 29th I began to have problems with my laptop and had contacted HP customer support. From the 29th of December until today, I have continued to have problems with my laptop. The week of February 8th I sent my laptop in to get fixed with HP. In the paperwork that I sent along to HP, I noted that I am unable to get a consistent wireless connection along with some other issues. Without being able to reliably access the internet, I have not been able to effectively run my online business or a variety of tasks. Ever since I’ve gotten this computer I’ve wasted my time trying get my problems resolved, and each time HP has recommended what to do and I’ve spent the time doing what they said, nothing has improved. In fact most things have gotten worse. I resent how I’ve been getting the runaround from the HP staff.

On Friday, March 12th I talked to Kevin, a case manager, about my frustration with my laptop. I told him that I wanted to exchange my laptop for a new one or return it. Kevin would do nothing to resolve this issue besides offer to send it in again to get fixed. I think that is absolutely ridiculous. I already sent it in three weeks prior and more problems have been happening since I sent it in. I told Kevin that I did not want to deal with my current laptop anymore and that I was ready to throw in the garbage. All he would tell me is that he understood my frustration. No, I don’t think he did, because if he really did he would have done whatever was humanly possible to lessen my frustration.

During my conversation with Kevin, I was telling him about some of the problems with my laptop. He told me that it sounded like my hard drive might be corrupted and that my wireless card might be damaged. What kind of product encounters issues such as this after only 2 months and AFTER getting repaired by the company that manufactures them? I believe I was sold a “lemon” and want my money back.

It is totally unacceptable for a brand new computer to be racked with so many problems. When I sent in my computer the first time, I was inconvenienced while it was gone. Not only that but I needed to remove everything off of my computer before sending it in, just in case the info on my computer would be wiped out while getting fixed. In addition, I had to reload all of my software for a second time once I got my computer back from being “fixed.” And let me note, that I had to send my computer in only after two months of ownership, which should not be the norm. A brand new computer should not have these kinds of issues if they are a reputable company.

I find it appalling that HP will not stand behind their product because right now I view their product and company as inferior and unreliable. After my experience with their product and with their staff, I will never spend a cent on their product. Nor will I be silent about my dissatisfaction with HP. I will post in my Facebook account, my Twitter account, my blog and any other chance I get.

And now my CD/DVD drive is not working. Within 6 months I've had way too many problems. Plus, I have gotten the brush off from HP staff and two times they lied to me about trying to contact me. No more HP for me!!! I am more than ready for a Mac and I am ready to smash my HP laptop into pieces.