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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playful Penguins Process, part 2 - the finale

And the penguin saga continues! My last post ended with a couple of pics of the penguin mock-up with the straw and glass. The following picture shows my penguin nestled in the middle of the inner tube. I placed it in the inner tube to estimate how I should shape the penguin's wings, shown here as wire mesh covered with some masking tape.

under structure for penguin & inner tube

penguin with first layer of Apoxie Sculpt

Here's the penguin with it's first layer of Apoxie Sculpt.

2nd attempt for inner tube under structure

And here is my second attempt at the under structure for the inner tube. My first version was getting too big and too heavy, so I started from scratch for the inner tube. This time I used colored plastic wrap wound over a circle shaped wire.

penguin & inner tube

And here my penguin is getting accustomed to the newly constructed inner tube.

penguin with a coat of gesso

Now my penguin and inner tube are covered with a coat of gesso, ready to be painted. I painted the cup and straw first, since I was anxious to try my epoxy resin for the "liquid' in the glass.

Playful Penguin sculpture

And here he is! Lounging the day away on his brightly polka-dotted inner tube!

Playful Penguin sculpture

Ahhhhh.....he's enjoying his day! :-)

Playful Penguin sculpture

My Playful Penguin hopes you are enjoying your day as much as he is enjoying his!

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Pattie said...

It is completely amazing how you do this!

I'm looking at the pictures, and still can't figure out how you did it :)

You have some serious vision!

Christine said...

Thanks so much, Pattie! :-)

Cartoonie said...

You have a great shop and your blog is just adorable!I love your work!

Christine said...

Thank you, Cartoonie! :-)

esque said...

I love this penguin! So adorable! Thanks for sharing your work process; it's amazing how transformed something so everyday into awesomeness!