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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Designs in the Works & a little "Idol" chatter

I'm working on some new pen designs right now. Currently I'm getting ready to paint 4 Bumble Bee pen designs. I also have an Apple Design and Unicorn Design in the beginning stages of design for my line of Artful Pens. The four bee designs are shown below. Not too attractive looking at this point, but that's where the magic of color and paint comes in. Once they are painted there's a whole new life brought forth, they will be trasformed from dull to "wonder"ful soon.

Bumble bee pen designs

unicorn design

My Unicorn and Apple designs are first made with Polymer clay as shown in these photos. The next step will be creating a hand-made silicone mold from each piece and then casting them with my favorite medium, Apoxie Sculpt.

apple design

My Apple design shown above needs to be cleaned up a little with some sanding and/or Dremeling. Yay, power tools!!! Each piece is separate, so I will need to attach them all together. I may try drilling a small hole in each piece and connect them with a small wire in each drilled section. This will help keep them together when I make a mold from it.

And now for a little idle chatter, oh, I mean "Idol" chatter. Tonight is going to be a tense night in the world of American Idol. The competition is so tight this season. Any of the three have a good chance of making it to the finale next week. It is going to be a little sad next week after Idol is done for another season and I won't be able to see my fave, Danny singing on stage each week. I guess I will need to keep busy working on my crafts and wait until Idol returns next year. However, I don't know how much I will enjoy next season, after having someone so talented from my home state this year. It took 8 seasons of Idol for a Wisconsinite to make it on Idol. So exciting!

Renee and Danny

There's Renee with a "paper" Danny while we were waiting for the concert at the Summerfest grounds. We enjoyed our Ga-Ga for Gokey Day! :-)

Danny onstage at Summerfest grounds

Danny did a wonderful job last night. "You Are So Beautiful" sounded amazing and a "masterclass" as Simon noted. I sure hope he and Kris are the two finalists. Both of them have a more universal sound in their voices and music versus Adam, who tends to be on the screechy side. I know a lot of people love Adam and his music and his style, but not me. I don't care for his high-pitched voice. The sound makes me uneasy, like a blaring siren. No thanks! I voted for Danny tons of times last night. Can you guess how many times?

Last Friday some of us at the Danny Gokey Day concert were discussing Danny's universal appeal. A couple of people we talked to mentioned that they thought that Danny has a larger fan base than Adam. And they both did not care for his screechy sounding voice. Out of what I've read it sounds like there are a lot of people who do not care for his voice. The people also noted how Danny has never been in the bottom three all season. Way to go Danny! Go, Go Gokey! :-)


Angela said...

I have my fingers crossed for Danny and Kris!!!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, how cool to learn a little about your process and to see your WIP photos!! I love little peeks into the craft of other artists! Very neat!

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

I just love the worm coming out of the apple, looks great, and the unicorn is awesome, looking forward to the finished products for sure :)

Christine said...

Thank you, Kriskropmemories! :-)