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Friday, May 8, 2009

Burned out bulbs with a "Bright Future" & more!

sculpting tools

This week I went to a Recycling Center to pick up some burned out light bulbs for my Recyc-a-lite sculptures. I found out about getting light bulbs from the Auburn Recycling Center in my local Freecycle network. I was so happy to hear of someone offering an unlimited supply of bulbs. Thank you Gerda. Yay! Since some of the bulbs were dirty I hosed them down outside in the beautiful sunshine today. After washing them I thought, "These dirty bulbs are going to have a bright future!"

basket and box of light bulbs

I've also been working on a new Artful Pen design for a fellow "By Hander" named James, of Birdy Knits. His wife is a bee fan, so I have three different designs in the works. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully in about a week I'll have some "in process" photos posted in my blog. Stay tuned!

artful pen ideas

Any American Idol fans out there?

Tomorrow I'm going with Renee to see our favorite American Idol, Danny Gokey in Milwaukee! Yay! I am excited. Renee was able to borrow a nice camera to try to get some good pics tomorrow. I will definitely have to post the pics from Danny Gokey Day. :-)


Pattie said...

Yay for unlimited supplies :)

And, I'm really excited about seeing what you make of them and of the pen!!!

Ahh :D

James~ClosetCreature said...

OOOooo those pictures look cute. I'm sure Birdy will like any of them you choose to do! Just let me know when they are ready, and I'll be your first Bee customer!