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Monday, May 4, 2009

Swings for Spring!!!

kids on the swingset

The three "N's" that I adore and enjoy visiting are my Nieces and Nephews and Nature. Spending time with my nieces and nephews and being out in nature all help me to regain my focus. It's good to step out of "crafting" mode to get back into the "crafting" mode.

Last week I visited my nieces and nephews. Yay! They got a set of swings added to their slide and fort in their backyard. After the swings were installed they were out there swinging to their hearts content. Even my one year old nephew, Andrew had a swing and he absolutely loved to swing. Wheee!!! I grabbed my camera and took some photos of their first swinging spree.

Jordan swingingKristin swinging

Katrina and Andrew

Today I went out on my second bike ride for the year. Things are just beginning to sprout here in Wisconsin. It's been a slow progression to Spring-like weather. Our brutal winter did not want to release us from its clutches. It's been wonderful to see the bright green colors bursting out to say "hello." While out on the trail I took a few photos to capture the emergence of Spring. Surprisingly I did not take too many photos today, but my camera will be busy snapping once the flowers are in bloom. Can't wait.

trees on the nature trail

I've had so many enjoyable ventures on the trail. Often times I will spend a couple hours discovering the beauty of the small things in nature. I will ride my bike, stop and take a handful of photos getting right into the vegetation for close-ups. During my ventures I revel in the quietness and stillness of the moment. It really helps to clear my mind and sort out my thoughts, as well as recharge my batteries. I also gather inspiration from my nature trail treks. There's nothing like it and it's like a mini vacation each time I visit. Soooo relaxing.

bridge on nature trail

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