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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Sweet Swapper Sabine

swap package

Ladipo of Structured Chaos, organized a fun Swap, Shop 'n Blog event and I decided to participate. My swap partner is Sabine from Southwest France. She has two shops, La Marquise des Anges and her most recent shop, Vintage Marquise. Both of her shops are gorgeous, sophisticated and elegant.

stamps on swap package

Look at all of the pretty French postage stamps and the leaves Sabine drew on the package.

Here is some of what she shared with me about herself.

She is 34 years old and married to a very patient and supportive husband. She is the owner of two naughty cats and one loving dog. Before embarking on her Etsy business, she worked in International Trade and later in Tourism Industry Studies. The work she did was exciting, but left little time for a private life. Sabine loves to read, cook, dance, craft, laugh.... :-)

swap package wrappings

Here's what I saw when I first opened the package, "Made with love for you dear swap partner"

Sabine has an addiction for all things "crafty and creative" and has had this creative appetite since she was a little girl. She embellishes, adorns, sews, creates all the time. First she made things for herself, then her folks and then requests from friends and friends of friends, etc. People in her life continued to encourage Sabine to being her own boutique, especially her husband. She says, "One day I woke up and told myself, 'let's start this new adventure.'"

swap package contents

On the back of the flower card she wrote me a little note. Isn't it pretty?

Her plans are to grow her business while continuing to achieve providing the best personlized service possible. Furthermore, she wishes to continue to network, make ne connections. She adds that, "being able to put food on the table while doing something you love is such a blessing..."

swap package note

Here's the sweet note that she wrote.

Not only does she feel "alive" when creating, she also feels "alive" in the midst of running her own business. Even when things are stressful and moments aren't "heaven on earth," she feels excited and motivated. She relishes how she feels/senses each cell in her body and the fact that she's not "stuck" in an office all day long. She enjoys making her very own decisions and above all she loves to be in contact with so many great people.

swap package contents

Here's the contents of my swap package.

One of her favorite shops is, Lilly Ella. Visiting her shop makes her happy and she says that she's lucky enough to own one of her gorgeous pieces of jewelry. She loves it.

swap package contents

e-mail: lmdamoail@gmail.com

etsy shops: www.lamarquisedesanges.etsy.com


Sabine's beautiful blog: http://lamarquisedesanges.blogspot.com


A beautiful towel from her shop. I'm afraid to use it, I don't want to get it dirty.

swap package contents

Some "homemade" lavendar and a pretty flower.

Thank you Sabine for a pretty package! :-)

Check out Sabine's blog and see what I sent to her in France.

Here's a little French lesson provided by Sabine:

à bientôt (with the accents) : means see you later, see you soon.

a marquise des anges .
marquise means "marchioness" , it is a noblewoman ranking above a countess and below a duchess
and ange means ... angel.
la marquise des anges could translated as the machioness of angels.
it comes from an old movie, a little old fashioned and "passé" but it is related to one of my very very favorite childhood memory ...when I was sitting on a decades old sofa, in between my beloved grand father and grandmother...watching this movie (it is a serie of movies) which was my grandfather's favorite ..; each year we used to had this little.
when I close my eyes and remember this lovely moment, I can feel my grand mother 's hand on my knee with tenderness, I can smell her fragrance, a combination of lavender and hoemade apple pie, as weel as the sweet blend of my grand father's tobacco pipe ...

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