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Monday, June 8, 2009

Some pics of my cat along with a little of this & a little of that!

Meet, Tigger, the computer cat!

Tigger at the computer

I'm one of those cat people, so I thought it was about time to share some pics of my kitty cat, Tigger (aka-"Tiggy"). I have tons of photos of Tiggy, so this is just a small sampling from the Tigger archives. Anyway, my cat is a sweetie and rascal all wrapped into one. He certainly has some serious sassy streaks in him, but also some adorable and sweet qualities. Any cat lover's out there?

Tigger follows me all around the house and sleeps with me each night purring right next to my face. He is a snuggly cat, but for some reason he will randomly bite me in the midst of his purring snuggling moments. And he's like a little kid, so I constantly need to remember if there's anything left out within his reach that he will think is a toy to bat around. Any pet stories to share?

Tiggy lounging on couch

Here's the Tiggy-lounger!

Tomorrow my sister and her kids are coming to visit for a few days. It will be nice to see them again. My sister is working on building her website to sell her jewelry on and she wants me to help her during the week. I'm no techie expert, but I will try my best to help her with it. I've been reading about SEO optimization, to help my own site make it up higher in the rankings, so I will have some new SEO info to share with my sister. My two nieces, Katrina and Kristin, are planning on going to the big American Girl sale while they're visiting this week. They saved up their allowance money just for the American Girl sale. Also, being Pixar fans, we are planning on seeing the movie "Up" this week. Yay!

One more thing, my last Etsy customer, James of Birdy's Knits, told me that his wife, Birdy loved the bee items purchased from my store. She enjoyed them so much that she posted a blog entry about her newly acquired bee items. Stop by her blog to see what she said.


livingglassart said...

Tiggy's one cool cat, for sure. Great lounging shot! Looks like he needs the remote and a beer!

Christine said...

livingglassart, lol! Yes, I agree. :-)