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Monday, May 25, 2009

Patty's gorgeous lilacs

pink lilacs

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was a perfect day to take pics of flowers outside. And yesterday I happened to be at my friend's house for a visit and to take some photos outside. My friend Patty recently returned home from her stay in Georgia during our brutal Wisconsin winter. She was so lucky to have missed most of our snowy, cold winter.

Patty's house

Patty has some beautiful lilacs blooming in her yard and she wanted me to get some photos with my camera. Here's Patty's house with one of the gorgeous lilac bushes blooming in her front yard. She also has some lilac bushes growing her in back yard too.

Patty's front window

This lilac bush is growing right outside Patty's front window. When you're inside of her house looking out this window, you get a spectacular view of the pretty lilacs. Ahhhh! Too bad they don't stay in bloom forever. They are so pretty.

purple lilacs

This photo above is one of my favorites. I love the colors!

purple lilacs against blue sky

And as I mentioned, the day was so gorgeous to take photos. The air was warm, but not too warm and it wasn't too windy and the bright blue sky was beautiful. Whenever there is a gorgeous blue sky outside, I try to capture it in some of my pics of the day. Look at how nice the purple and the white lilacs look against the sky.

white lilacs against blue sky

After I was at Patty's house, she followed me to my house. Then she and I took a short walk on the nature trail near my house. Afterward, I made one of my favortie recipes for a tortellini salad. It's so delicious and easy to make. We had a terrific day.

white lilacs

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a mini trip to Minneapolis. One of my friend's sisters is moving from Wyoming to Minneapolis. So Deanna and I are going to help her look for apartments there. Deanna's bringing her camera along so her sister can see how the apartments look. We will be staying over for one night since it is about a 5 hour drive to Minneapolis. We won't have too much time to go and see things, but we may try to catch a movie. We're thinking of seeing "Night at the Museum." Anyone seen any good movies recently?

Have a good day. :-)

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