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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I brake for flowers, yes I do!

blossoms and sky

This last week I was fortunate enough to be able to venture out on the nature trail on some nice, sunny days. Too bad the wind was a bit fierce on one of those days. Anyway, I was thrilled to see so many gorgeous blossoms blooming out on the trail. As the title says, "I brake for flowers!" When I ride on the trail I keep my eyes wide open to catch any glimpses of the beauty, patterns and textures of nature. And when something catches my eye, I put the brakes on my bike and stop to drink in the beauty and "capture the wonder" as I take photos. Sometimes I have to backup and reverse my direction to find what I almost missed by pedaling past.

gorgeous pink blossom

One blossom

blossom pair

two blossoms

pink blossoms


dandy dandelion

And a dandy little dandelion!

mini blossoms

So many flowers, so little time!

It never ceases to amaze me how intricate and beautiful nature is. It equally amazes me how a round, fuzzy bumblebee is able to zip through the air, looking too heavy to fly. I saw some fuzzy bees while taking photos of the flowers. Who knew I'd meet them there?

large tree

Off the beaten path, I found this tree growing in the middle of a farmer's field. I think I have a photo of the same tree during the fall with yellow leaves against a dark sky.

bench on nature trail

And here's one of my favorite features on the trail. No, not the bench, but the "tree tunnel." There are a few tree tunnels on the trail. It's so much fun riding through a tunnel of trees on a sunny day when little sparkles of sunlight dot the path on the trail. I never get tired of riding in them. They are such a wonder to behold. While riding on the trail, I'm not only a spectator but a participant experiencing nature in the moment.


Angela said...

I went to my favorite nature trail today, too! I took my niece and we took pictures of (what else) the flowers!

Love the pictures!

Waterstone Jewelry said...

Beautiful photos!

Christine said...


Yes, I think cameras are just attracted to flowers as much as we are. My camera has been guilty of flower over-doses, but can you ever really have an overdose of flowers?

Thanks for the comment about my pictures.

Christine said...

Waterstone Jewelry,

Thank You! :-)

Kathy said...

Beautiful photos!

Christine said...


Thank you! :-)