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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Leo the Bunny is giving you an update.

"Hello, I am Leo and I wanted to share with you the status of my chickie and bunny friends. Right now they are 'hanging in there', though they are looking a little pale - lacking a 'healthy glow'. As of now they have not gotten their color yet. They are being very patient and are expecting to start getting a little color tomorrow, despite the cold Wisconsin winter temps. From my sources, it looks like the chicks are first in line to receive their color treatments. Then it will be the bunnies' turn. Both the chicks and bunnies are planning to be available for photos as soon as the color treatments are completed. The earliest time for photos is scheduled for the weekend. Please stay tuned for further updates. And note, the photo below shows a sampling of some items that are pre-color and as we speak are in the final stages of color treatments. They will soon be off to get glazed and to make room for the chicks to get some color of their own. Thank you for tuning in and have a nice day." :-)


Ashley Pahl Design Studio said...

Your work is adorable!

Sue Furrow said...

Love your blog and your creations. I'm following u now.

Christine said...

Thank you Ashley and Sue! :-)

esque said...

Aww, Leo is one cute little bunneh! Can't wait to see the rest of them!


Christine said...

Esque Thank you! :-)