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Friday, March 13, 2009

Chick-a-lites in line at the painting studio

As the chicks are patiently awaiting their turn to be "colorized", they wanted to show you the pieces that are in the last stages of painting. According to the chicks there were about 70-80 pieces that were in the painting studio before they got in line. These pieces will eventually be on their way to a craft show, April 4th, along with the chicks and bunnies.

These pieces will be made into either magnets or pins for the Spring craft show. The chicks wanted to let you know that they managed to get their first coat of color despite the congestion experienced at the painting studio. A lack of space can lead to a halt in production at the studio, but there have been sincere efforts to try to avoid delays. Their color treatment should be completed soon. They are looking forward to showing off their new color. And just in time, the first day of Spring being a week away. Hurray! :)


Anonymous said...

they're all so CUUUUTE!

Christine said...

Thanks! :-)

ETSYmarketing.org said...

Great items! Cool to see your process! Looking forward to seeing you on the ETSYmarketing site - thanks for the comment!

-Your friends at www.ETSYmarketing.org

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Very cute!!!

Gina said...

I'm loving the bubble gum machine. Cute!!!