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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall is my Favorite

What is your favorite season and why? I enjoy the warm colors of fall and the crisp air. There's a feeling of slowing down and retreating as the summer shifts to autumn. Now that fall is here, I hope to get on the nature trail more often than the summer. I usually go out on the trail often during the summer but this year I didn't go on as many rides because of the hot, humid, rainy weather. It was the one of the rainiest summers on the records for Wisconsin. As it gets closer to the start of fall, I see the hints of my favorite season, along the path and sites around me. It is a bittersweet moment, as I know well, what happens in Wisconsin after fall's departure. I cringe at even the thought of the "s" word and I refuse to write it out in this post. Unfortunately, it will be here sooner than I'd like. I am going to miss being able to ride my bike out around the sites and sounds of nature, always welcoming me to a place to discover new things. My eyes are on the constant lookout for the smallest of details. I'm zipping along past some trees and bushes.....wait......wait.....what did I notice in the corner of my eye. Stop, back up!

There is a new discovery, look at those berries!

Next I stop within a tree tunnel and see these charming mushrooms
growing up the side of a tree trunk. How wonderful!

Tree tunnels are my favorite parts along the trail. Once fall is gone, I will have to say goodbye to the trail for another year until Spring arrives.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Fall is my favorite too! Our summer was very hot and humid, but very little rain. It was sort of sad how most lawns died (including mine). I'm really looking forward to refreshing weather and foliage!!! I'll be taking a ride up to VT in a couple of weeks and the foliage will probably be perfect then!

Christine said...

Have a nice a visit in Vermont. I've never visited there, but I'd love to and take a visit in the fall.

MagicMarkingsArt said...

Christine - thank you for your contrasting viewpoint and breathtaking pictures of fall in Wisconsin. Isn't it funny how we each view the seasons depending on the area of the country in which we live?! I enjoyed my visit.

Christine said...

Thank you! I also enjoyed my visit to your blog post about the beach and I too enjoyed the contrast of our surroundings in relation to the arrival of autumn.