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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another bright idea for biz cards!

Recyc-a-lites tag

I'm always trying to find ways to make some tasks a little bit easier and economical. That doesn't always happen, but one area where I've found some ways to save some time and money is by using business cards for other purposes than "a business card." Last year I blogged about how I used biz cards as merchandising tools for my pins and magnets.

I make some of my sculptures from re-purposed burned out light bulbs.

Click here to see my Recyc-a-lite scultpures

Re-bottled tag

Well, I've also thought of a way to use business cards for tags for some of my products. I try to include some type of info about what my product is and the name of the "collection/series" it belongs to. And then on the back of the card I leave room to write an item number/description/price. Using these helps save time on printing a card each time I need one and makes it easy to write out a price tag when I price new items.

Click here to see my Re-bottled sculptures

I make some of my sculptures from up-cycled shampoo bottles.

See how my shampoo bottle morphed into a cat.

business card

This is a new set of biz cards that I had printed from the Vistaprint website. I tried to keep the same theme throughout my tag cards and biz cards to unify my biz identity.


warmheart said...

This is a great blog - I found you through Link Love and am now following your blog.

Christine said...

Thank you, Warm Heart! :-)