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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Buzzing Behind the Scenes, part 4, the finale!

Buster delivering his tea

Here is Buster in his "natural" surroundings. He made it into the "great outdoors." And he'd like to share with you some pics from his visit outside. Many of the photos are close-ups of flowers because I think Buster loves flowers even more than me. Please take a look.

top view of field of flowers

Here's a view of the flowers and grass from above. The base of grass blades took a lot of time to sculpt. I kinda wish that I would've kept track of the hours it took to make the grass, but maybe it's best left unknown.

snowdrop flowers

One of the books of flowers I got from the library had a photo of Snowdrop flowers. I love these flowers and I wanted to make sure I included them on this piece.

coneflower and others

Assorted flowers, flax flower, daisy, & coneflower.

flax flower

Close-up of flax flower.


Close-up of daisy.

Buster flying over field of flowers

Buster enjoyed buzzin' around outside.

Bee on Buster

At one point, he met a lil' bee friend that landed on his face to say "hi!"

Buster flying over field of flowers

And here's Buster flying away at the end of the day. He hopes you enjoyed this four part series of his journey from a watercolor into a 3-D sculpture.

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1 comment:

pants said...

Gorgeous pics--looks like Buster belongs in the great outdoors.