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Friday, June 19, 2009

Yay, displays, yay, yay!!!

Take a look at this great display fixture that I bought last week. It's perfect for displaying my Petite Purses on. And if I had a second one, it would be perfect to display my hand-made pins on. I found this "find" at a local Hallmark store that will be closing at the end of June. I hate to see businesses close, especially Hallmark stores. I used to work at a Hallmark store and have a special place in my heart for Hallmark. Unfortunatley, the store where I worked for seven years closed a few years ago. I miss being able to stop in to say "hi" to my former co-workers and to shop at one of my favorite stores. When the Hallmark store closed I had been working somewhere else for a few years. I made it into the Hallmark store a day or two before the official "closing" and it was sad to see an empty store where I had so many good memories. Since I lost my job this year, I've had two different dreams about going back to work at the Hallmark store where I worked. Each time I've had the dream, I wake up in the morning thinking, "oh, I can go back to Hallmark" and then I realize I can't go back since the store isn't there anymore. Bummer! I miss Hallmark.

petite purse display rack

And now on a happier note. When I had the display rack home, I was excited to see how all of my Petite Purses looked on it. I was so happy to see how well the displayer worked out. Now if I could find one more for my pins it would be fantastic.

close-up petite purse display

Petite Purses as far as the eye can see!

petite purses

I have two different sizes of purses. The smaller size purse is the perfect size to tuck in a small trinket, such as one of my hand-made pins or magnets. The larger size is a perfect size to use to present a store gift card. Who wouldn't love to get a gift card held within a cute little package like a Petite Purse?

petite purse display

And one more terrific display fixture I found is shown in the photo below. This I found at yet another business that was closing and yes, it was another gift shop, though not a Hallmark store. I was hoping to find something to display my magnets on and I recall when I worked at Hallmark that we often had similar magnet displayers there. I was delighted to find this displayer and the owner of the store was only asking $3.00 for it. Display fixtures are not cheap, so if a store is going out of business, it is a prime time to stop in and look. I have a craft show coming up in November. It will be my second craft show that I'll have this year. It's nice having some time to get things together. Well, I guess I better be going! I have some crafting projects to get back to before the day is over. Have a nice weekend! :-)

magnet displayer


kim* said...

o boy so cute love them

Christine said...

Thanks, Kim! :-)