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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Turtles & Pizza!!!

bug's birthday watercolor

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, Hannah, and I went on a bike ride on the nature trail and we spotted some adorable turtles during our visit. I thought I would write a turtle themed post today. The pic above shows one of my watercolors for my storybook idea. It's Toby the Turtle and his friends around his shell.

Toby the turtle sculpture

And here is Toby in 3-D form, made with Apoxie Sculpt & acrylics. This sculpture is the largest one I've made, it measures approximately 20 inches long.

turtle crossing

And lookee here, this was the second turtle that I ever saw on the trail. I saw this one last summer and my first one the summer before. I get so excited when I see turtles on the trail and turtle sightings are rare.

turtle on trail

This is my favorite turtle pic from all of my turtle sightings.

turtle laying eggs?

This turtle was one of the turtles that we saw yesterday. We think she was trying to lay eggs in what looked like a chipmunk hole. She was about 5" long. I thought my friend Hannah was teasing me when she said, "There's a turtle laying eggs." When we first started our bike ride I said, "I want to see a turtle on this ride," thinking it probably would not happen. Then we see a turtle. I asked Hannah what else we should say we wanted to see while on the trail and see if we would see it. She said she wanted to see a fawn. And awhile later we saw a deer jump a few yards ahead of us on the trail. We thought it was so strange. I said I'd like to see a crane, but no luck. However, we did see a cat and it starts with a "C" like crane. Lol! I also mentioned that maybe we should say we wanted to see money fall from the sky, but that didn't happen either. Bummer!

another turtle on the trail

On our way back on the trail we saw the same turtle and then just a short way from there we saw this little fella, maybe they are a turtle couple. Awwwww!

red pepper & eggplant pizza

And ta-da, here's our yumm-a-licious pizza we made before our bike ride. I found the recipe here. It's a Red Pepper and Eggplant pizza and it's scrumptous. And really there's so many good veggies on it that you really don't need to put cheese on it. Can you imagine, that me a cheese-lover would say that? Take a look at the pic at the recipe site and then compare with ours photographed above, pretty close to the recipe's pic, wouldn't ya say? We didn't have the fresh basil for ours so there isn't the lovely green basil in our photo.

Talk to you later. :-)


Pattie said...

It is so amazing how you transform your pictures into sculptures :)

But, I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you at my blog :)

Christine said...

Thanks, Pattie! :-)