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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Nice Feature at the Hazelnut Cove Blog & Some New Projects

Hazelnut Cove Blog title

Sunday at the Hazelnut Cove Blog was kind to feature me at her beautiful blog. Her blog has a nice and airy feel to it, please stop by her blog and see for yourself. She did a wonderful job at describing my artwork and my Etsy shop. Plus, I answered some questions provided by Sunday, so you can learn a little bit more about me and my work. Thank you, Sunday for featuring my work. Your compliments about my work are very much appreciated. Reading what you said makes me smile and blush. Oh, and please stop by Sunday's profile at the ByHand website. She is also a fellow "ByHander" like myself. It's a wonderful online community of crafters and I'm so happy and thankful to have found such nice people, such as Sunday, at the ByHand site.

Hazelnut Cove Blog

Ahhh, today I was so relaxed and contented while working on some new pieces. I worked on some new ideas out of polymer clay. I took a photo of some of the newest in polymer clay form. Hmmm....maybe I will make them into Artful Pens or maybe a pin or a magnet or maybe one of each and make a matching set. It's so wonderful to thouroughly enjoy time spent creating and working with your hands. I'm also working on painting my new Bumble Bee pen designs too, so James can buy one for Birdy. Some new pics of my Bumble Bee pens all painted in full color should be buzzing into my blog soon. Don't miss it!

It brings me such joy to sculpt and paint. Today was a good day.

selection of new projects

A shoe, some watermelon slices, citrus slices, eyewear and an "old school" rotary telephone sculpted in polymer clay. Now I need to get the good ol' sandpaper and Dremel to shape and define them a little more. I love to Dremel my pieces. Fun, fun, fun! :-)

shoe made from polymer clay

Have a good day and weekend everyone!

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