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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

My Recyc-a-lite Bunnies and Chicks are all ready to bring you warm Easter Wishes this weekend. The Bunn-a-lites gathered armfuls of flowers to bring some color and cheer to their wishful sentiments. The Chicks have their hats on and are chirping and tweeting their loudest chirps and tweets to say, "Have a Happy Easter!"

This Chick-a-Lite has made it into my Etsy store, as well as a few Bunn-a-lites!

This sweet, white bunny hopes your Easter weekend blossoms with warmth, hope, cheer and a renewed spirit.

Tomorrow we are having an Easter egg hunt for my nieces and one of my nephews, the other younger nephew, will be turning one year old on Easter Day. Thus, we will be celebrating his first birthday as well as Easter this weekend.

One little late bit of news, my Chickies were featured on the Awesome Chicks of Etsy blog last month! Please stop by the Awesome Chicks Blog for a visit.

Enjoy the weekend! :-)


Southern Girl said...

Your bunnies and chick are so adorable!
Happy Easter!

Christine said...

Thanks, Southern Girl! :-)