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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Birthday Bug Parade! :-)

Look, it's the Birthday Bug Parade marching into the Spring Season! These bugs are ready to celebrate along with you. They are also here to bring you an update about the Recyc-a-lite bunnies. Due to Christine's camera's batteries dying, the bunnies weren't able to do a photo shoot as planned. However, they should be able to reschedule for a photo shoot as soon as the batteries are re-charged. Stay tuned to see the bunnies in color.

As you can see the Birthday Bugs will travel far and wide to wish you the best, brightest and joyful birthday ever. They are excellent at climbing up front porch steps, despite their small size and paper-doll physique.

As seen here, they will come in black and white or in color along with streamers. Just invite them and see how much fun they bring to any birthday. And take a look at how the Birthday Bugs came to be who they are today.

The above photo shows the bugs being created on a very heavy litho stone. They were printed as Lithography prints. Afterward they were colored with watercolors, hand-cut, and assembled into the birthday bugs you see here.

The Birthday Bugs wish you a Happy Birthday whenever your birthday may be. And they'd like to share with you a website in honor of birthdays. It's where you can find out what type of specials are offered to you on your birthday, such as a free dessert or a free entree at a restaurant. Just visit the Free Birthday Treats website and search by your state or online. You can also search for birthday offers for your kids and your pets. Pretty Cool! :-)


AUG BLOG said...

I love your blog, nice bugs, Chrissy!

Christine said...

Thank you, Aug Blog! :-)